3sixT Gear

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3sixT Gear is designed for life.

3sixT Gear stands as a trusted brand in the tech accessories sector, proudly Australian-run with a rich legacy spanning over a decade. Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, 3sixT Gear wields significant influence within the telecommunications sector across both Australia and New Zealand. Distinguished by its dedication to delivering exceptional value to consumers, 3sixT Gear offers a diverse range of tech accessories that strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality. With a mission to provide unparalleled value propositions, 3sixT Gear endeavours to empower its consumers with products that exceed expectations without breaking the bank.

What sets 3sixT Gear apart is its close affiliation Wentronic’s sourcing agency, enabling the brand to tailor products and pricing structures to suit the unique needs of each business case. This collaborative approach ensures a win-win scenario for both buyers and consumers, fostering mutual success and satisfaction.

Embodying the ethos of “designed for life,” 3sixT Gear prides itself on offering only the finest, trendsetting tech accessories crafted to withstand the rigours of modern lifestyles. In an era defined by challenging global market conditions, 3sixT Gear remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering scalable returns for those who embrace its offerings, promising a journey marked by innovation, quality, and enduring value.


We take sustainability seriously.

Acknowledging our global impact, we realise the significance of our products in the staggering statistic of 1 billion cases discarded annually. As a result, we have integrated a vital objective into our core strategy: to minimize our environmental footprint. Our initiative commenced proudly in 2019 with the elimination of plastic from our product packaging and the introduction of our Bio series, featuring biodegradable products. However, our dedication doesn’t end there. We are fully devoted to ongoing innovation in each major launch cycle, building upon the groundwork laid by our team.


What 3sixT is doing to lessen the impact on our environment.

  • Plastic-free
  • Better materials
  • APCO member
  • Less packaging

Download our sustainability report here.


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