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3sixT is a well-established smartphone & tablet accessory trade-brand, seven years young, with unparalleled roots into the telecommunications channels within Australia & New Zealand.

3sixT exists today to provide customers with the opportunity to take leadership or dominating positions on product categories to deliver best in class profit margins.

Often referred to as the ‘meat & potatoes’ or ‘meat on the bone’, the 3sixT value offering is now more compelling than ever with the backdrop of even more challenging global market conditions.

Strong physical presence on the shelf, coupled with rich product features enable the brand to integrate into almost any planogram seamlessly. Acting as a critical enabler, 3sixT works tirelessly to provide scalable returns when adopted and utilised effectively.



3SIXT’s commitment to changing the world

All 3SIXT product packaging moving forward is:


100% recyclable cardboard

Soy ink-based

100% biodegradable hang sell

FSC approved

3SIXT also recognises their place in the world and understands the products they produce contribute to the 1 billion cases discarded every year. So, they have added to their core strategy, the goal to reduce their contribution.

In 2019, they proudly began to remove plastic from their product packaging and invest in the development of biodegradable products with the launch of the BioFleck series.

The journey doesn’t stop there, as they are fully committed to continuing to innovate their development in each major launch cycle and build on the work their team has achieved.