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Cellnet Group Limited stands as a premier distributor of lifestyle technology and gaming accessories across the vibrant landscapes of Australia and New Zealand.

Established in 1992, Cellnet is a Wentronic Group company and leading distributor of lifestyle technology, accessories and interactive products, employing more than 50 people across Australia and New Zealand.

Cellnet represents global brands and sources products in high velocity categories including mobile, AV and IT accessories, audio, gaming accessories and software, into retail, business, and online channels.

Cellnet has extensive reach in Australasia, combining distribution of market leading brands together with its own brands and innovative retail category management services.

In 2018, Cellnet diversified its product offering into gaming with the acquisition of Turn Left Distribution and in 2019 acquired Powerguard to enter the surge protection power category. In April 2020 Cellnet acquired Performance Distribution, a strategic purchase for infrastructure, knowledge, and experience to accelerate its online business across Australia and New Zealand.

In 2023, Wentronic Holdings GmbH, a majority shareholder in Cellnet since 2017, took a decisive step to fortify its footprint in the Australasian markets by acquiring all remaining shares in Cellnet and taking the company private. This strategic move underscores Wentronic’s commitment to deepening its engagement with customers and partners in the region, solidifying its position as a key player in the ever-evolving landscape of lifestyle technology and gaming accessories.

Wentronic is a leading manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics accessories and distributes AV, IT, and mobility accessories throughout Europe.

Our core values

Everything we do at Cellnet is centred around several core values. Together with our Code of Conduct, these values guide our behaviour and the way we work together with colleagues, customers and suppliers.


We believe in the power of passion to drive excellence. When fuelled by passion, our work gains purpose and significance, inspiring both ourselves and our team members.


We foster an environment of humility and collaboration, where egos are set aside in favour of collective progress. We prioritise transparency, sharing information, and involving stakeholders in decisions that impact them while giving and receiving feedback impartially.


Your voice matters. We encourage candid and open communication, valuing diverse perspectives and expecting honest feedback to drive continuous improvement.


Making bold decisions and challenging the status quo requires courage. We empower our team to question assumptions, think creatively, and uphold our values.


We embrace a spirit of curiosity, recognising that ongoing learning and exploration are essential for growth. By seeking out new perspectives and experiences, we enrich our understanding and drive innovation.


We thrive on innovation, viewing it as the cornerstone of progress. By fostering creativity and embracing diverse solutions, we propel ourselves closer to reaching our goals.


Open, respectful communication fosters unity within our team. By sharing ideas and offering support, we create an environment perfect for inspiration and growth.


Taking a holistic view enables us to prioritise effectively and make sound decisions. Trusting in the expertise of our team members, we prioritise actions that align with our shared goals.


We aspire to make a meaningful difference through our work, going above and beyond expectations to drive positive change and achieve collective success.


As a community of diverse talents and expertise, we recognise the value of knowledge sharing and mentorship in fostering success for all.

Cellnet Group Limited comprises of three distinct companies:

Wentronic, a prominent manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics accessories, serves clients across all trade tiers in Germany and Europe. Their core belief is that mutual satisfaction makes every deal successful. They consistently go above and beyond their partners, a philosophy that has propelled them to the forefront of the industry since their establishment in 1992. Today, the company boasts 4 locations, a global team of 273 employees, 2,600 international clients, and a product range of 8,000 items.

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Established in 1992, Cellnet became publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in 1999. With over 300 employees in Australia and New Zealand, it is a leading distributor of accessories in the region. Cellnet's success is attributed to its unique managed services model, incorporating top global brands, Product sourcing, as well as its own brands such as 3sixT Gear, Wave Audio, PowerGuard, Goobay, and Clicktronic. Offering comprehensive coverage in both Australian and New Zealand retail and telecommunications sectors, Cellnet was acquired by Wentronic in 2023, along with its subsidiary Turn Left Distribution.

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Turn Left is a leading Interactive Entertainment specialist across Australia and New Zealand. Partnering with some of the world’s market-leading brands, Turn Left provides a full-service distribution model, working with vendors and partners to manage fully integrated, localised end-to-end, go-to-market solutions with overarching marketing, P.R. and event activations.

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